MuShu – Los Angeles, CA

“About 1 month ago, MuShu, our 11 year old Shar-Pei-Pit mix, became very sick and lethargic, could barely move or walk, and was unable to eat without vomiting. An ultrasound identified 2 tumors, one in her pancreas and another in her liver. # Best Selling CBD CREAMS by Just CBD StoreCBD gummy bears Due to the location of the tumors, the Vet said that surgery was not an option. Chemo and radiation were not viable either, as they would greatly impact her quality of life without improving the outcome. The Vet said to just make her as comfortable as possible and only gave us 1-2 months at most.

Not satisfied with the Vet’s dire prognosis, I started researching cannabis oil for treating cancer in dogs, and was so excited when I discovered VetCBD. It’s been over 2 weeks now since we began using VetCBD, and MuShu has made an incredible recovery. She’s eating again (without vomiting), has much more life and energy, and goes on daily hikes at our favorite park near the ocean. We believe that the tumors have definitely shrunk in size, and the next ultrasound will confirm that. We are so grateful to Dr. Shu and VetCBD for giving MuShu a new lease on life! ”

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